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Pineal Gland and The Third Eye
The pineal gland has been called the Seat of the Soul or the Third Eye.  The third eye can be activated to spiritual world frequencies and enables you to have the sense of all knowing, godlike euphoria and oneness all around you. A pineal gland once tuned into to proper frequencies with help of meditation, yoga or various esoteric, occult methods, enables a person to travel into other dimensions, popularly known as astral travel or astral projection or remote viewing.
  It has been called the sixth sense :: the third eye :: intuition :: instinctive feeling rather than conscious reasoning :: to acquire knowledge without inference or the use of reason :: clairvoyance :: second sight :: spiritual insight :: intuitive knowledge / wisdom :: it is located at the very center of the brain :: the core of one’s access to Divine truth(s) :: connection to ALL=ONE  (link:  http://lightworkers.org)

French philosopher Descartes decided that the pineal gland was the seat of the human soul, the location of what we call the mind. The pineal does contain a complete map of the visual field of the eyes, and it plays several significant roles in human functioning.
First, it is the center for the production of the hormone melatonin. Melatonin is implicated in a wide range of human activities. It regulates daily body rhythms, most notably the day/night cycle (circadian rhythms). Melatonin is released in the dark, during sleep. The recent melatonin craze sweeping through the health conscious community makes claims that the hormone slows the aging process (a defense against free radicals), prevents jet lag, is implicated in seasonal affective disorder, coordinates fertility, and allows for deep restful sleep patterns.
The pineal gland has been implicated in a number of disorders including cancer, sexual dysfunction, hypertension, epilepsy, and Paget’s disease. The pineal gland calcifies with age and melatonin production correspondingly decreases. This decline in melatonin has been suggested to be a trigger for the aging process.
Environmental stresses affect pineal function, impacting overall body alertness, temperature levels, and hormone operation. Stresses that affect pineal function include unusual light and dark rhythms, radiation, magnetic fields, nutritional imbalances, temperature swings, high altitude, and overall daily stress patterns.  Link:  http://www.wayfinding.net/pineal.htm
DANGERS to the Pineal Gland
NaturalNews) There has been some controversy over the activity of adding synthetic fluoride to municipal water supplies and elsewhere, but not enough. The seriousness of this issue is more than what most realize. Fluoridation ranks with GMO’s and tainted, forced vaccinations among the great crimes against humanity.
Understanding the Different Fluorides
There are two types of fluoride. Calcium Fluoride, which appears naturally in underground water supplies, is relatively benign. However, too much consumed daily can lead to bone or dental problems. Calcium is used to counter fluoride poisoning when it occurs. This redeeming factor indicates that the calcium in naturally formed calcium fluoride neutralizes much of fluoride’s toxic effects.

On the other hand, the type of fluorides added to water supplies and other beverages and foods are waste products of the nuclear, aluminum, and now mostly the phosphate (fertilizer) industries. The EPA has classified these as toxins: fluorosilicate acid, sodium silicofluoride, and sodium fluoride.
For this article, the term Sodium Fluoride will include all three types. Sodium fluoride is used for rat poison and as a pesticide. According to a scientific study done several years ago, Comparative Toxicity of Fluorine Compounds, industrial waste sodium fluorides are 85 times more toxic than naturally occurring calcium fluoride.

Fluorides will calcify the pineal gland damaging its abilities to perform in many ways.  This Fluoride being added to our drinking water, tooth pastes and other products is a direct attack on our wellbeing as humans.  It is also a subtle way of attacking the public to dumb/numb them down to their natural born abilities to see and instinctively to know.   This degenerative effects will or can cause the following.
*Genetic DNA Damage
*Thyroid Disruption – affecting the complete endocrine system and leading to obesity
*Neurological – diminished IQ and inability to focus, lethargy and weariness.
*Alzheimer’s Disease
*Melatonin Disruption, lowers immunity to cancer, accelerates aging, sleep disorders.
*Pineal Gland, calcification, which clogs this gland located in the middle of the brain.

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/026364_fluoride_pineal_gland_sodium.html#ixzz22Ve8Evip

How to Strengthen the Pineal Gland
Sungazing or sunlight will help heal your eyes and open the pineal gland. Gazing directly into the sun actually improves sight and aids in overcoming disease according to Dr. Hebert Shelton.

Best Time to Sungaze
“Absorb the sun’s rays during the early morning or just before sunset, when the sun’s rays are slanting, and when your shadow is longer than you are,” writes Dr. Edwin Flatto.


Fruits and plants have the ability to trap and store sun energy. We get our energy from eating fruits and plants. When we eat fruits & green leafy vegetables, we are eating stored sun power.


“For untold centuries the sun has been worshiped as the visible symbol of the creative power,” wrote Bernarr McFadden.

“From the dawn of history the sun has been utilized specifically as an aid to the restoration of health and as a means of maintaining and increasing it. The ancient, Greeks and Romans, Egyptians and Assyrians, Arabians, Babylonians and Cretans, the Aztecs, and the early Chinese and Japanese, the inhabitants of India and most of the other nations that were glorious in their day, derived their superb health partly from their contact with the rays of the sun, and healed their ailments by their aid.”

Diseases of the Body as a result of not enough sun


“Sun-baths must, of course, be taken in the nude because clothing prevents passage of the sun’s rays to the body and the result is only heat and sweat,” writes Dr. William Esser.

“A full sunbath in the nude is ideal. This is not a mere cosmetic measure, but a health requirement for greatest value,” wrote Dr. Herbert Shelton.

Suntan lotions should not be used because they can cause cancer, writes Dr. Zane R. Kime.

“Artificial sun-lamps can do irreparable damage. None of the lamps, regardless of the price, contain more than a few of the rays found in the sun. The ultra-violet rays, because of their short length in artificial lamps, can be very harmful,” writes Dr. William Esser.

Sunscreen may actually increase the risk of cancer, so proposed California researchers in a paper published in January, 1993, in the Annals of Epidemiology. The researchers contended that UVB- blocking sunscreens had contributed to increasing skin-cancer rates, by disabling the body’s natural alarm mechanism: sunburn. The researchers also posited that because UVB rays are the main source of vitamin D, and because vitamin D may inhibit the progression of melanoma, and because sunscreens block UVB rays- sunscreens might promote vitamin D deficiencies and cause melanomas. (UVB is the shorter wavelength of ultraviolet light that damages the skin. UVA is the longer of the two types of ultraviolet light that reaches the earth. UVA is responsible for tanning.)

“Wild animal life spends the cool portions of the day in the sun and seeks the shade and rest when it is hottest,” wrote Dr. Shelton.

“Absorb the sun’s rays during the early morning or just before sunset, when the sun’s rays are slanting, and when your shadow is longer than you are,” writes Dr. Edwin Flatto.

“Rooms which are poorly ventilated, into which the sunshine is not permitted to shine and which are damp and not dried by your home heating system are destructive of both life and health,” writes Rise Rafferty. Rafferty also writes, shutters and heavy curtains block the life-giving rays of sunlight from the chamber. This should not be so.

A sunny exposure, plenty of large windows, and no blinds or curtains, wrote Dr. Thomas Low Nichols.
Link: http://lightworkers.org/blog/38699/sungazing-open-the-pineal-gland-improve-your-eyesight-eat-less-food


The Pituitary Gland
 Information compiled by Randy
A work in process to be added to and comments are of course encouraged and welcome.

What is the Pituitary Gland?

The pituitary gland is a pea-sized gland located at the base of the skull between the optic nerves. The pituitary gland secretes hormones. Hormones are chemicals that travel through our blood stream. The pituitary is sometimes referred to as the “master gland” as it controls hormone functions such as our temperature, thyroid activity, growth during childhood, urine production, testosterone production in males and ovulation and estrogen production in females. In effect the gland functions as our thermostat that controls all other glands that are responsible for hormone secretion. The gland is a critical part of our ability to respond to the environment most often without our knowledge.   Link: http://www.neurosurgery.pitt.edu/minc/skullbase/pituitary/index.html

Pituitary type gland functioning is essential for spirit receptivity for mortals on all worlds. In addition to the three orders of mortals who are either one-, two- or three-brained, there are also three groups of mortal mind design for contact with spirit affairs. These mind designs differ primarily in terms of gland chemistry and number of glands (one, two or three) comparable to the pituitary, and Urantians have two such glands (*566). The pituitary gland is nestled in a cranial bone behind the optic nerve in the base of the skull.

It is often implied that we have a single pituitary gland, but in fact the gland “consists of two separate glands–the adenohypophysis or anterior pituitary gland and the neurohypophysis or posterior pituitary gland. The anterior and posterior divisions of the pituitary gland develop from different embryonic structures, have different microscopic structures, and secrete different hormones. The anterior pituitary develops as an upward projection from the embryo’s pharynx, whereas the posterior pituitary develops as a downward projection from the brain. The anterior gland has the microscopic structure of an endocrine gland, whereas the posterior gland has the structure of nervous tissue.” (Anthony and Thibodeaux).

In terms of spirit reception, the organization and functioning of the pituitary gland is crucial, for the inherent imagination and spiritual receptivity is definitely influenced by this differential chemical endowment. (*566) In each of the three spirit-reception types, the larger the number of pituitary-like glands the greater the spirit receptivity and spiritual inclination during mortal life.

Assuming that in the near term we must live with the capabilities and limitations of our own brain capacity, thinking style, and pituitary endowment, let us consider how we can use the mind and will loaned to each of us, insights about our prior learning, desire to grow spiritually, and some ideas about our cognitive processing to enhance our spiritual growth and progression into rebirth and the kingdom of heaven.

Mind and Spirit

This presentation combines spiritual teachings with concepts from cognitive psychology and common-sense problem-solving methods. It describes a practical approach that we can use to change our thought habits and participate in becoming more receptive to Adjuster leading. (*1205) Then we can be guided to live the kind of life of love and service that Jesus lived and taught and which we so earnestly desire to emulate.

The process of being reborn spiritually is most often a gradual, daily process that requires sincere desire and a lot of effort in striving to live a life of faith and worship. (*1099) It involves the shifting of the seat of one’s being or identity from the mortal human mind (limited by physical sensory inputs, imperfect perception, conditioned behaviors, level of intellect, etc.) as its dominant vehicle for functioning to a morontia level of mind. (*1229) Then, true inner spirit guidance, love and service are increasingly actualized in daily life.

Spiritual growth involves multiple phases, from the level of facts and things to highest level of true reality and cosmic insight, as seen in Figure 4. It begins with the gift of awareness of the kingdom of heaven. When we believe that the Father loves us with an infinite love, we are entering the kingdom of God (*1537), but spiritual ascension comes from a life of service following rebirth. (*1569) The spirit-guided person uses free will to try to be more loving and serving in daily life. (*1216) As we have the desire and strive to be transformed, Adjuster guidance and spiritual strength are received as we attempt to change intentions, thought habits, resulting emotions, and behaviors to higher levels of quality. (*1206)

After entering the kingdom we gradually become more trusting, loving, and serving. (*1858) As we seek to do the Father’s will, it is revealed to us through inner thoughts and insights as we attempt to act in love in situations in daily life. It is important to keep in mind that we can only have a sincere desire and be receptive to growing spiritually. All spiritual growth, as is also true of faith, is a gift from our Heavenly Father and not our own doing. (*1204) The good news is that the kingdom of God is within us; the path to eternity is here, now. (*1861)

Figure 5 is designed to summarize the interplay of the divine and the human in our ascension (*1207), the spiritual with the practical, and the conversion process that is essential for spiritual living, rebirth, and progressive ascension in the life of divine fellowship.

Changing Our Attitudes and Thoughts

The process of being reborn requires that childish, immature, selfish and subjective ways of thinking and behaving be eliminated and replaced with wholesome, loving, objective and selfless responses, thoughts, emotions, and actions. For example, feelings such as fear, anger, envy, jealousy, suspicion, intolerance and negativity are mental poisons. (*1204) These feelings of dis-ease indicate the need to transform thought habits.

Mortal mind is a temporary intellect system, loaned to us for a lifetime, that we can use to accept or reject the prospect of eternal life, and mind is about all in universe reality that is subject to our will. Human consciousness rests gently on the electro-chemical life machine below and delicately touches the spirit realm above. (*1216) Mind is our ship, the indwelling spirit is our pilot, and human will is the captain. (*1217) Man is a part of nature, yet can transcend nature; is finite, but is indwelt by a spark of infinity; has the urging of angels, but has animal emotions that oppose them; and has access to a fountain of faith, but it is polluted by the poisons of fear. (*1221-1224) Our task is to see ourselves as others see us (*553) and then to change our minds, our software. That is possible by receiving strength and guidance and using proven methods to transform old faulty thoughts into new ones.
For more see Link: http://urantiabook.org/archive/science/schkade1.htm

The sixth centre is the Pituitary gland or the psychic intuitive centre. It is situated in the centre of the forehead though the gland is in the centre of the brain.

This chakra is often called the Mind of Christ Centre and when it is opened it enables seership, clairvoyance or prophecy. This centre allows you to know when other people are thinking about you. It also enables the gift of prophecy and remembrance of past lives. Visions can be experienced with dreams of precognition.

When this centre is kept active and the energy from the base chakra rises up to meet the incoming energy from the higher spiritual realms, this centre provides the mystery of eternal youth. The ancient Egyptians understood the principles of immortality and they taught the ways to maintain health and vitality in the temples beautiful.

The higher centres or chakras have multiple tasks and when all of the centres are open and functioning in harmony remarkable abilities can be achieved. The third eye or pituitary gland addresses the eyes, ears, the temporal lobes, and the frontal lobes. These also influence other portions of the brain and cause them to respond in remarkable ways. The ability to dream, to visualise, to imagine, creates changes within the chemistry of your brain. This in turn develops the psychic senses. Meditations using creative visualisation, colour, sound, and fragrance, can assist the brain to open up various pathways that have been dormant for many life times. All of the traditional psychic senses or ESP’s are included in the descriptions of this centre.

Along with the thyroid gland, this chakra enables the person to speak in tongues or to channel. With the assistance of the Pineal gland, the three together can provide very powerful sources of information so that the person can speak with words that enlighten, heal and transform. The spoken word when aligned with the awakened third eye will always shed more light on a situation.

On the other hand, a person who is closed in their thinking, refuses to see the truth, will not allow themselves to look to the future or even deal with the present, has closed down. They may develop a tumour on the brain or pituitary gland, have a stroke (go on strike) or experience some type of disorder to their eyes or ears.

Eyes and ears register when people are not willing to see or hear rightly. They are either short sighted, narrow minded, lack vision, or won’t listen. It is important in these situations to work on overcoming fear. Often there has been some time of extreme suffering or persecution like experiences that have caused the person to close down in their particular way. With assistance and willingness, major changes can occur in the area of healing.

This centre also enables communication with your Higher Self or the Christ within. With communion with the Higher Self comes wisdom and discernment. Guidance, direction and encouragement are provided in all areas of life.

The colour associated with this centre is Indigo, which is a majestic purple.  Link:  http://netowne.com/esp-psychic/psychic/

Foods for a Good Pituitary Gland


The pituitary gland, located at the base of your skull, controls the hormones related to your childhood growth, urine production, temperature and thyroid activity. It secretes hormones involved in estrogen production in women and testosterone production in men. The pea-sized gland, situated between your optic nerves, is responsible for many autonomic body responses and is part of the endocrine system. When it is not functioning properly due to illness, stress, medication interaction or lack of nutrition, the pituitary gland produces excess hormonal chemicals that can lead to vision loss, high blood pressure, tumors and heart disease.

A wide range of symptoms may occur when you experience a pituitary gland disorder. Cushing’s disease is a common side effect of pituitary gland malfunctioning and is characterized by excess fat accumulation in the face or abdomen. Diabetes, hypertension, thinning and bruising on your skin and osteoporosis also may occur. Other symptoms associated with endocrine system problems include eating disorders, mood swings, sexual dysfunction, headaches and unusual hair growth.

Ask a Dr: Pituitary Gland A Doctor Will Answer You Now! Questions Answered Every 9 Seconds. Health.JustAnswer.com/Pituitary
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Pituitary gland disorders often occur as result of treatments for other conditions such as lupus, inflammatory bowel disease, rheumatoid arthritis and asthma. Steroids used to treat various illnesses can cause the pituitary gland to produced excess cortisol, which can lead to Cushing’s disease. The excessive steroid use reduces the amount of potassium in your system, necessary for proper nerve conduction. Stopping the steroid use allows your body to return to normal potassium levels while you replace lost potassium with supplements or an increase in dietary sources. Buttermilk, yogurt, chicken, fish and tuna are effective sources of potassium. Other good foods that can help your pituitary gland remain healthy include bananas, apricots, raisins and avocados.


Calcium is another nutrient vital for pituitary gland health. A healthy diet includes sufficient calcium in the form of dairy products such as milk, yogurt and cheese, dark green leafy vegetables and fortified foods such as orange juice and margarine. Because of the possible drug interactions that can take place while you’re being treated for conditions affecting your pituitary glands, you should talk to your doctor before increasing the amount of calcium supplements you take.

Iodine is a trace element that interacts with pituitary gland secretions to support healthy thyroid function. Iodine deficiencies can lead to an enlarged thyroid gland, also called goiter. Developmental disabilities, hypothyroidism and mental retardation also can result from an iodine deficiency. Iron deficiency is a major world health issue; about 30 percent of the world’s population suffers from the condition. Iodized salt is one of the most common dietary sources of iodine. Seafood is an effective source of iodine. Many dairy products can help maintain your iodine levels for proper pituitary and thyroid functions because dairy cows are fed iodized salt in their feed. Navy beans, potatoes and seaweed also contain iodine.



Read more: http://www.livestrong.com/article/487203-foods-for-a-good-pituitary-gland/#ixzz22VwIlRs3


Compiled from the link provided by Randy. Another work in progress. Please comment, discuss and ask questions. As a team we can all come to an understanding. Again, any New Age goo will be taken out if found incorrect.
Link:  http://www.streamsoflight.com/higher.html
This is not my channeled writings, but a synthesis of other peoples work and my own thoughts. I would give credit but I compiled this so long ago that I don’t remember where, what or who wrote what. (website notation)


Since we know that all creation is manifest from Divine energy, we also know that the smallest component exist as pure energy. The density of an object is governs how fast that energy can physically vibrate. Therefore everything physically manifested vibrates within certain ranges of frequency in order for human senses to perceive it.

A major factor that limits people from readily perceiving higher dimensions is because the frequency rate of vibration is outside the range of human perception. This contributes to their lack of faith and ability to believe in something that can not be perceived through the normal senses.

Even though you can’t perceive something doesn’t prove that it doesn’t exist. For example, you can blow on a dog whistle and not hear it, but the sound is real because your dog reacts. The Higher Dimensional Beings and those Dimensions are being perceived by some people because they have learned to perceive them through different senses, but for most people this is beyond their range of perception. Though many people are beginning or are working with energies on different planes and dimensions because they are consciously working to increase their rate of vibration.

Raising your vibration enables you to receive a more direct guidance and clearer guidance from your Higher self because it vibrates at a higher rate. Having this direct link allows for information to be more easily accepted by the conscious and actualized. Therefore a direct link is formed to interact with your Higher Self, Archangels, Ascended Masters and the Brotherhood.

You can raise your personal vibration by doing specific energy work with your Higher Self and Guides of Light. This frequency raising energy work can be done by everyone, and is being done in many ways naturally on an ongoing basis as the vibration of the Earth is being raised in preparation for the Ascension.

Raising your vibration also opens you to different levels of consciousness. The first level of change enters you into Lunar consciousness, this is where clairvoyant and healing abilities heighten. This stage of consciousness lasts for approximately five years.

The next stage is Solar Consciousness, you become more attuned and start to heal and clear problems from all of the subtle bodies (physical, emotional, astral mental and spiritual). This can last from three to five years. This is a very high level and most people never go any higher.

lightworkers, healers and Spiritual teachers that are to work on an intense level with spirit can reach the next step which is Stellar Consciousness. To reach Stellar means that you are a clear channel for spirit, which requires cleaning and anchoring all your have chakras, and dealing with all your karma.

Emergence with the Divine Force, God, Ultimate Being or whatever you wish to call the superior force is the next step, and it truly is only available to the great spiritual teachers. Activation of the 12 strands of DNA into the physical and interface with the lightbody is completed.

Consequently, raising your vibration heightens your awareness, develops telepathy, intuition, and increases “ESP” abilities in which to live your life in a more conscious manner. This expanded awareness of energy also helps to open and develop channels of communication from other realms of Light Beings, Spirit Guides, and Nature Spirits. These realms encourage intuition, knowing, and the ability to receive evident guidance from Spirit, thus enhancing your quality of life by imbuing harmony, balance, joy, and inner-peace.

Your reception of this increased Love or Light into your being projects it into everything you do, effecting and anchoring more Light on the Earth Plane. Furthermore, this benefits humanity by pioneering the path which will result to encourage others to evolve on their spiritual path.


The out-of-body experience is a method that helps to separate you from physical consciousness in order to explore other realms and dimensions. Recognizing energy triggers will help prepare and alert you to opportunities for energy shifts.

Buzzing, humming, electrical or roaring sounds

Unusual tingling or energy sensations, hair standing on end, goosebumps

Voices, singing, laughter, or your name being called out
Heaviness or sinking, feelings of expansion and contracting

Numbness or paralysis in any part of your body

Weightlessness, levitation or lightness spreading throughout the body

Any internal vibrations out of norm

Electrical-like pulses of energy

Footsteps or other sounds of a Being’s presence

Internal rocking, spinning, or movement of any kind

Arms or legs lifting while asleep

Surge of energy flowing through your body

Any noise out of the norm, wind, engine, music, bells, etc.

Delightful smells, flower aromas



There are several theories about the cause and nature of the vibrations associated with out-of-body experiences. This seems to be a direct result of the higher frequency, non-physical body moving out of phase with the physical body. Often the intensity of the vibrations diminishes immediately after complete separation is achieved. The response to these initial sensations determines whether an effective separate from the physical body can be achieved. The following is a basic guideline for responding to the vibrational state.

Remain calm. The vibrations, sounds, numbness, and catalepsy are a normal experience.

Relax and enjoy the vibrations as they spread throughout your entire body. Remember not to move or think about your physical body (Any physical movement will shut down the vibrational process).

Allow the vibrations, sounds, numbness, or catalepsy to expand and envelop you. Don’t analyze or judge the experience, simply allow it to spread through every level of your being.

Visualize yourself moving away from your physical body and toward another area in your home. This can be enhanced by mentally directing yourself by a repeated thought. “Now I move to the door, etc.” (Any location away from your body.) Be open to all various forms of motion, floating, sinking, spinning, lifting and flying, etc. Flow with the motion.

After complete separation is obtained, the vibrations will immediately diminish. At this point it’s critical to focus and maintain your complete attention away from your physical body.

Electrical sensations in the back of the neck, spine or shoulders accompanies a rise in vibration. The physical body in each case reacts to shifts in vibrations and a corresponding shift in the autonomic and sympathetic system ensues. Electrically, an increase in vibration may be measured through bio-feedback — alpha and theta states increase correspondingly. Increasing one’s vibration may be described as tuning the body, through the mind, to achieve higher states of consciousness or awareness.




When the crown chakra opens or expands it can be an intense and painful experience. It might feel like a spike or rod is being inserted. Headaches are common and they can range from migraines, to cluster headaches. Women seem to experience them more than men. They can be caused by too much energy flowing through the crown chakra, and by hormonal changes which occurs when the chakras are stimulated. Sometimes the pain can be eased by asking Spirit and your Higher Self to make an adjustment in the energy flow. When you ask for aid to ease the pain and it is part of the process that is opening and expanding your pineal or pituitary gland, the pain will only lessen. As your vibrational rate increases, the pineal and the pituitary glands expand to accommodate the higher energy frequencies. Other glands change also, but these two are the major ones that contribute to headaches. This can last a few months, or a few years depending on what level of spiritual development that you are at and your rate of growth.


This is quite common and part of the process. Just ride it out and don’t take antibiotics which will only prolong the process. These symptoms are caused by the physical body reaction to the toxins that are released when the chakras begin to expand. What ever was constricting or congesting the chakras is flushed through the blood. Also new beliefs and paradigms are enacted the imprinted consciousness in the blood becomes toxic to the physical system because it does not support the new thoughts and contributes to confusion. It is helpful to supplement the body with blood fortifying enzymes, herbs and essential oils to ease the symptoms. Hot lemon drinks will also help cleanse the body. Don’t work too much during this time, because you are going through a major shift in vibration. Try and take it easy, and it will pass.


This is a common reaction when the solar plexus chakra opens and releases the stored fear, anger and resentment held in the area. Karmic and family issues will produce gas and farting. The Bach Flower Rescue Remedy can ease these symptoms. Don’t be afraid to take it every 30 minutes if necessary.


Increasing your vibration forces the energy through the body. When there are blockages impeding the energy flow this raised and forced energy slams into them causing these symptoms and ails. Often this is alleviated by asking for assistance from the Higher Self to adjust the flow to ease the pain. The body can quickly adjust to the higher vibration in a few moments, hours, or days.


A very common symptom caused by an increased rate of vibration. This higher frequency forces any illnesses, viruses, or infections hiding in the body to surface. To discover the root-cause contributing to this state examine your beliefs and decisions that are creating your reality. It is also important to monitor your internal dialogue to learn what you are creating for yourself. Observing and realizing the state you are experiencing is not cause by the present allows it to quickly pass. The herb “St. Johns Wart” eases depression and is anti-viral too.


When blockages from this lifetime, and other lifetimes began to release the emotional body will react in this manner. The Photon Belt energy stimulates and contributes to the spontaneous release of these burdens. Trying to control or resists these urges further represses and blocks the energy making things more difficult. Crying, moaning, sobbing or toning becomes a cleansing release. Use a Bach flower remedy, or an essential oil to help with the emotional body.


This is a symptom experienced when the heart chakra begins to open or enlarge to receive more energy. Pain sensations in the heart and not being able to breath can be very frightening because you may think you are having a heart attack. The above symptoms are caused by the expansion of energy running through your solar plexus and heart chakra (heart and stomach area). The best solution is to relax which will adjust the energy flow. Anxiety and fear only constricts the energy thus, causing a more severe reaction. This is a normal experience when undergoing a frequency increase.


These are commonly experienced by both men and women. This is due to energy flowing too quickly through the body, hormonal changes, which men have too, and the body learning to adjust to the higher vibratory rate. Some men might experience fat being stored in this area which might feel like they are growing breasts. If you are a man don’t be concerned about this, because this puffiness in the chest area will only last for a short while.


Waking in the morning and struggle to get out of bed after a full night of sleep, or falling asleep in the middle of the afternoon is common. This is caused when the energy is shifting throughout the whole spiritual body. This will pass in time, each person has a different time frame for some it can be weeks, for others months, for others years. If you can create a pyramid structure to sit under this will give you wonderful boosts of energy when you are lacking it. Drink lots of pure water to hydrate the cells, add crystals to energize the water. Eat light meals with organic veggies. Doing light physical exercise will stimulate the energy flow through the body. Bach remedies, flower essences and essential oils will also help the transition.


You go early to bed, exhausted, but in a couple of hours you are wide. This is caused by the Photon Belt energy accumulating around you, because the body’s inability to store the energy because it is blocked and congested. It is important not to get up and be active because the energy is for healing all the subtle bodies spiritual, mental, emotional and physical, the best way to assimilate the energy is to quietly sit and read, watch TV, or listen to meditation tapes to help you go back to sleep. This might seem to occur nightly for some time.


This is a very common complaint. The body feels like it is being invaded so it adds a layer of protection. If you are a Lightworker than additional water is needed to create energy. If you don’t have enough water the body will store water, which ultimately leads to stagnation. Another major factor is that with the activation of new DNA fat is needed to hold the vibration. Body fat holds a higher vibration which is necessary to generate healing and channeling energy. Many of you also have agreed to anchor grids of light in the areas surrounding where you live. Anchoring these grids require body fat to help hold the energy. Body fat serves a very loving purpose as it allows embodiments to assist mother earth in holding her vibration. In becoming crystalline, the body fat is evenly distributed around every cell within the embodiment. This allows the entire body to act as a tuning fork to hold a new vibration.


This can be a frightening experience because you cannot remember what you had for dinner, and dinner was only an hour away. YOU ARE NOT LOSING YOUR MEMORY. You are changing over from left brain function to more of a right brain function. Areas of the brain are being activated to cope with the higher energy coming in. Sometimes it is hard to speak, words come out jumbled or garbled, this situation will pass, there is no time limit on this.


As you open up to the higher vibration, you will find yourself becoming extremely sensitive to people, noises, light, smells, tastes, all sorts of things. This can affect the central nervous system and can be quite a difficult thing to cope with. You do need to take B vitamins and a multi vitamin if this is happening to you. If you are allergic to these vitamins then look for a homeopathic remedy or a Bach flower remedy for extreme sensitivity.

[note:  NOBODY is allergic to B vitamins. If there is an allergy its to additives to them.   Rescue Remedy I think is the name by Bach flowers can be very helpful to stress, I used it once, but people also need to learn to BREATHE.  Your nutritional needs do change as you hook more and more DNA.   Do these articles focus on hooking of the DNA, for it is the cause of most of this and not the opening of the 3rd and 4th eyes.  As the DNA hooks the body perceives a lot more information.  These are long and I don't have time to go thru it.  When all 12 strands are hooked, kundalini rises to the crown.  And the kundalini activation, because of the lousy teaching out there,  alarms some people to the point they toss everything out and revert to dark Christianity.  I have seen this a number of times in people. C.F.]


If this is happening to you, then you are really reaching a very high vibratory rate and will probably be a profound healer or channel for spirit. It is due to extremely high energy coming into the physical form. It could be described as 50,000 volts of electricity coming in at once, not only can the body not cope, but it goes through the body and out again and as it does so it affects all electronic equipment.


You will find that dogs and cats and other animals will become aware of your energy and be frightened of it or want to be around it all the time. Many animals can’t get enough of the energy. Others are somewhat frightened because they do not understand it.


As you vibrate higher, you will find that you no longer want the things that you used to. Coffee, tea and meat are just three of the dietary changes that people make as they begin to vibrate faster. Meat is especially dense and can really affect the body’s energy, especially if it has hormones in it. You may develop cravings for certain foods, or go off your favorite foods. This is normal and a part of the change to the higher vibration. If you find this happening, then let it happen and explore the new possibilities.


  1. Nina says:

    synthetic fragrances (air fresheners, personal care products, laundry products..fabric softener, scented detergents) block the pathway from the olfactory receptors to the pineal gland..thus block inner guidance/intuition. this makes one more susceptible to suggestion from the consumer driven media to sell such products that are going to make you smell nice etc. http://www.ewg.org provides hazard ratings in their personal care product (sunscreen, shampoo etc) database.


  2. Gracias por compartir sus conocimientos,q el cosmo los sigan irradiando,,servir es un don pero solo puede dar el q tiene,,gracias


  3. Cole Haley says:

    I appreciate the info, but its very disappointing to have to do a page search to find the most important piece of information about the single most important substance that we water-based creatures can consume to decalcify the pineal and cleanse the whole body, why is this??? That sentence before the comma, contains 9 words: >> “Drink lots of pure water to hydrate the cells, /////x minus the >> add crystals to energize the water.” Water is liquified gas, (two inanimate, inorganic elements, not “living”, yet forms the basis of all living organisms…how’s that for a paradox) it’s supposed to conduct LIGHT and clean out the DIRT… “Pure water” could also be called “distilled” as this is “pure water”… While I’m commenting, SALT is a toxic poison that ossifies (crystalizes) tissue because of its dehydrating qualities. Don’t believe everything the Himalayan Rock Salt salesman tell you! It has fluoride and is 97% “sodium chloride” which they so vehemently denounce in their introduction as “poison” in talking about “table salt”… Research and Think for yourself.!


    • kibodabi says:

      THANK YOU!!!!
      I appreciate your comments!!!!
      This was in the ‘pending’ file, but I am glad I read through it first…I honestly do try to do that…smile…I hope the few people that read here will consider your words and advice and act accordingly…….
      this was not written by me….i included it on a separate page because I felt it could be useful and it seems that many people want this information…and it actually would be easier to find it this way rather than having to search through however many past posts there are on this thing…lol..so you will just have to forgive me for all the trouble you have felt yourself going through to reach the post……there was no better way available….what else can I say?
      I hope you take the time to bother with the rest of the blogsite….and that you can find something out of it all that you deem helpful to you in some way……
      GOD Bless you in all things all the time…kibo
      and thanks againfor this


    • kibodabi says:

      you may also want to pay more attention to the ‘add crystals’ part…somehow I think that is very important.
      crystals will take some knowledge of self energies….it does no good to work on the pineal gland as a physical creature and not take any consideration to be a wholly spiritual creature in origin and a mental/emotional creation being activated in a 3d realm…..while I agree with the salt comment…there is much more to this than you give it credit for..imho
      like I said…this is not really my thing…Randy wrote this and I think he did a great job….MY things is to rely on SPIRIT IN GOD and as I keep myself and my self operating and actualizing on higher and higher and deeper planes and levels of thought and being in GOD, the state of my pineal gland will naturally be able to respond and help to upkeep itself…but that’s me……like I said…
      but as far as this piece is concerned…I fully support the work that went into it and also support the veracity of it…..your statement concerning the water, as it were..is unnecessary….but I agree with your effort to educate others concerning salt….so thanks again…I just wanted to think about it a bit more and see what I didn’t look at before and comment of that, as well…..I suggest to you that he spiritual must always be considered before the physical. working on the pineal gland without doing the actual spiritual work within that the pineal gland is meant to employ and enhance….is like pissing into the wind…know what I mean?


  4. sk says:

    hello, I have felt this rod/spike like feeling going through the center of my brain through my front teeth. It happens all the time especially when I am around a lot of people. It is clear now that I am some sort of empath because when I am around a large group I feel SO weird and spacey and even dizzy. I sometimes intercept people’s thoughts or direct feelings. The more organic/vegan I am the stronger it is. I have tried grounding myself and stuff to stop it from happening but it doesn’t seem to work or maybe I don’t believe I can do that so it doesn’t work?
    I also experience very strange phenomena that when I have a thought or feeling or emotion I feel it in different parts of my body-and the feelings seem to align with my chakras I believe? It is actually really painful at times, especially around other people I start to feel a lot of pain and tiredness. Every single minute thought [from ideas like hey I want some toast to I don't like this person] has some sort of reverberation through out the rest of my body, so my entire train of thought going through my mind kind of drives the sensations in my body crazy. Twitches/stinging pain/tingling etc in my toes, calves, thighs, stomach, arms, my back, everything. And also sometimes I feel like I am seeing the world through super hi-def senses because everything is so crystal clear and it overloads me. What could this be?


    • kibodabi says:

      it sounds like you’re dealing with the increased energies/frequencies/vibrations that have been flooding the planet for some time now………this is not my area of expertise but if you have such a gift as you describe, you need to be able to ground yourself on a regular basis…I, personally, suggest daily meditation to quiet what is coming in from around you and better concentrate on what is within you. You are definitely going to have to find a means of controlling it in order to dissipate the pain.
      as far as the physical ascension pains are concerned…it helps to keep a clear head and not freak out…recognize that you are evolving, relax and flow with it, as far as possible. Also know that this is a spiritual event, so there is plenty of help available from your higher self, angels and others…Archangel Raphael is head of medical so asking him for help in the matter should gain you better flow and balance…and there is ALWAYS PAPA AND CM ATON TO PRAY TO FOR HELP IN THE MATTER! you will need to practice and experiment with it. It is there for you to control, not to let control you.
      I hope this helps…apologies for not being to offer more……kibo


  5. Beth says:

    I wake up in the middle of the night with terrible pain in my pineal gland what does this mean I don’t understand it does it mean it’s opening or what


  6. Dr. Sam says:

    Fantastic! I encourage everyone on this Path to read it. It has a trove powerful insights and information for an upward vibrational shift.


  7. learn cnc says:

    Awesome blog you have here but I was wanting to know if
    you knew of any forums that cover the same topics discussed in this article?
    I’d really love to be a part of online community where I can get comments from other experienced people that share the same interest. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. Thanks a lot!


    • kibodabi says:

      I wish I could be more help….I am one that tends to think that such opening and evolution happens as part of a natural process of spiritual centering and just willing and desiring to spiritually evolve and so it takes a natural rhythm and rhyme and happens as needed and as consciousness grows…..or else i’m just lazy………..either way….I really haven’t looked but I do know that this is a huge search topic so if you would just do a decent search on places like google, i’m sure that you could find plenty of company….
      I wish you the best possible outcome and all good blessings in the ONE……KIBO


    • theo says:

      may I suggest you try this:


      more complex of course but dwelling in truth alone…
      see if you like it


  8. Lotus says:

    Hi there,

    This is great info to have many thanks, I am in the midst of experiencing most of these symptoms so am glad to know the cause – also I had an intense experience with the opening of my pineal gland and received a message a couple of months ago… I was also wondering would the thyroid gland puff out a little with these changes as mine has a little.

    Many thanks


  9. Really appreciate your insight and research. I recently wrote about the pineal gland and about nourishing it with plant foods, most of which you touched on. Thanks for sharing!


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